Movie Casts

If there were a Trixie Belden movie....

I would love for it to take place during the same time period that the books were written. (Mansion was published in 1948, so we'll use that.) I have several different ideas for Trixie films, all made in different eras. Keeping that in mind, I chose actors from the time periods and made sure they would be about the right age. I wanted everything to fall into place as realistically as it would if the film were really going to happen.

Of course, if it were happening today, I can easily see a film studio taking our beloved Trixie stories and meshing them into one ultra-mega movie, perhaps modernizing it in the same odd way as Nancy Drew (2007). If I had my way, Walden Media (The Chronicles of Narnia: the Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe) would partner with BBC or PBS to produce a six-part miniseries based on the first six books that Julie Campbell wrote. That way, a quality production company would have full charge of the series and very many changes to the stories would not be likely. *squee*

So, onto the casts!

My first choice for Trixie has always been Hayley Mills, circa the Parent Trap. That would put Version #1 coming out around 1961. So I've tried to pick actors and actresses from that time period. Click here to visit Version 1961.

After thinking that through, I thought: why not make a film right after Mansion came out, in 1948, the same way they did with Nancy Drew? Of course the rest of the books weren't published yet, but I've cast them anyway. (This way I get to use Elizabeth Taylor as Diana.) Click here to visit Version 1948.

Also, since I'm sort of a fashion history nut, I went searching through some vintage patterns from the time period to pick out clothes and hairstyles for my stars. These posts are intermeshed with the above. ;)