May 9, 2011

Book Timelines: the Gatehouse Mystery

Tuesday, August 22nd
  • Trixie writes to Brian and Mart at camp
  • Mr. Rubber Heels and Mr. Leather Heels have engine trouble and spend the night in the gatehouse
  • they have a quarrel about dividing up the loot; in the scuffle the diamond is knocked loose
  • Mr. Rubber Heels knocks out Leather Heels, takes the loot, fixes the car & drives away
Wednesday, August 23rd
  • Trixie and Honey find the diamond
  • Mr. Rubber Heels discovers the diamond is missing and comes back
  • Jim & Mr. Wheeler purchase Starlight
  • the girls cut away vines from the gatehouse 
  • Mr. Rubber Heels overhears them talking about the diamond
  • Trixie & Bobby stay at the Manor House for lunch
  • a man named Dick shows up around 9 pm, asking for the chauffeur's position
  • Gallagher the gardener quits
Thursday, August 24th
  • Honey dashes down to the gatehouse and brings back the shovels
  • Miss Trask gets yesterday's mail with Mr. Whitney's check in it, as well as a notification that Mr. Wheeler is expected in Chicago 
  • Dick is officially hired & is introduced to Trixie and Bobby
  • a man named Nailor is hired as the gardener
  • Bobby shows Dick around Manor House, including Honey's windows
  • Mr. & Mrs. Wheeler leave for Chicago
  • the girls go down & examine the cottage for clues; find footprints; Jim gives Bobby a riding lesson
  • Trixie helps Moms fix lunch & is invited to spend the night at Manor House
  • after 6 pm, Trixie heads up to Manor House and has dinner with Honey and Jim
  • around midnight, someone tries to sneak in Honey's room
  • Trixie tries to see if the screen door is latched but Jim catches her
  • Miss Trask hears thumps and bangs; it's Dick fighting with Mr. Leather Heels
  • Mr. Leather Heels goes down to the cottage and tramples away the clues
Friday, August 25th
  • Louie, aka Mr. Leather Heels, is picked up early in the dogwagon by the Sleepyside police
  • Trixie gets up early & tells Jim about the diamond while they feed the Beldens' chickens
  • Brian & Mart greet them on the terrace; Honey comes up
  • Trixie tells the others about the midnight escapade while they sit in the grass
  • everyone takes a quick swim at the lake & has breakfast at the boathouse
  • the Beldens meet Dick, who now has a black eye, on their way home
  • Trixie works all morning; Jim gives Bobby a riding lesson; Honey tries to show the boys the footprints but they're all scuffed away
  • Jim & Honey switch rooms
  • the Beldens eat lunch
  • they all spend the afternoon looking for the diamond
  • they find it in Honey's jewelry box & Mart goes home to hide it
  • Jim & Brian leave to pick up Susie from Mr. Tomlin; the others go for a swim
  • dinner @ 6:30, Manor House
  • Mart & Trixie go home to get the diamond
  • Brian leaves to switch out the pincushions
  • they all go for a moonlit right & then raid the icebox
  • Trixie & Honey dash down and get the mail
  • Jim stays awake all night waiting to catch the prowler in their trap; nothing happens
Saturday, August 26th
  • morning swim; discussing the previous night's failed escapade
  • the BWGs are officially formed after breakfast
  • Jim & Brian have a driving lesson; Dick comes back with poison ivy
  • Honey, Mart & Trixie look at the clubhouse & discuss club jobs
  • the BWGs go for a ride
  • back at Manor House, Trixie shows Honey how to forge signatures
  • Trixie calls her father while the boys look at the signature papers
  • Trixie & Honey go for a quick swim; Jim checks Mr. Whitney's signature on the job reference but doesn't tell anyone; lunch
  • at 5 pm Jim leaves for a driving lesson with Dick, the boys start work (mowing lawns), and the girls go for a swim
  • at 6:30 Dick comes back without Jim
  • at 7:00 the four leave for the movie theatre; Miss Trask stops to get gas on the way into town & drops them off, then goes to Mr. Lytell's store
  • the four BWGs go into the movie theatre; Honey & Trixie hold a whispered conference in the ladies room
  • Honey interviews Tom Delanoy for the chauffeur's position; Trixie hails a cab to Manor House
  • Trixie catches Dick in Honey's room; Jim and Regan burst in at the last minute and Dick is arrested
  • Jim brings everyone up to date while they all raid the icebox

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