May 21, 2011

Version 1948: Diana Lynch

"She had shiny, blue-black hair that flowed around her slim shoulders,
and violet eyes fringed with thick curly lashes."
--the Mysterious Visitor

Other than Hayley Mills as Trixie, I don't think any other actress has been so frequently cast as a Bob-White, than Elizabeth Taylor, known for her "violet eyes" (of which Di is quite famous, too). Naturally, I had to cast her as Diana in the1948 version!  There are a ton of lovely photographs from the late 1940s below. Elizabeth turned sixteen in 1948, and had just completed a supporting role in "Life With Father".

 "She was wearing a strapless gown with a long full skirt, and she 
looked so grown-up that Trixie couldn't help gasping."
--the Mysterious Visitor

"Next to you, Honey, she's the prettiest girl in our class."
--the Mysterious Visitor

Above and below--Di with her horse (was he/she ever given a name?)

Di at the beach (Cobbett's Island?)

Di at Uncle Monty's ranch in Arizona

Below--Di in front of the Lynch family estate

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