May 21, 2011

Book Timelines: the Secret of the Mansion

DAY ONE: Friday (late July, no exact date)
  • Trixie talks to Moms about earning money for a horse
  • Mr. Belden comes home and reports that he has just taken a seriously ill Mr. Frayne to the Sleepyside hospital; he returns to work
  • Trixie cleans up Bobby and goes to meet the new neighbors on the western hill
  • Trixie and Honey Wheeler meet for the first time
  • Bobby goes off to play with Miss Trask; Trixie has her first riding lesson and falls off
  • Trixie and Honey explore the Mansion and find Jim
  • they spot the rabid dog for the first time; immediately afterwards Bobby yells for help in the woods
  • Trixie & Honey go back home and bring a picnic lunch to eat with Jim
  • they search through the study for money or treasure, and Trixie finds a brass key
  • Trixie goes home; her mother leaves for a Garden Club meeting and Trixie works in the garden while Bobby plays outside
  • Bobby gets bitten by a copperhead; Honey comes and Trixie saves him; the doctor eventually arrives
DAY TWO: Saturday
  • Trixie and Honey tidy up the Beldens' home and run up to Manor House
  • Trixie is given a lesson in trotting and tries to ride Jupiter, who runs off; Jim rescues him
  • the dog appears, Trixie tries to catch Queenie, & she barges right into the summerhouse
  • later Trixie gives Honey a bike lesson and Honey crashes 
  • Trixie is eating lunch when Honey calls her to announce that she's gotten a bike
  • Trixie spends the afternoon cultivating the garden with Moms
  • Trixie and Honey change in Honey's spacious room and go swimming in the lake
  • they try out the rowboat; Trixie dives in and gets hurt; the dog comes back and they chase him away
  • the girls change, go check the mail and then water the garden
  • Trixie and Jim have a conversation; Honey comes up later and almost gets attacked by the dog, which Jim shoots
  • Jim tries climbing up to the second floor of the Mansion and falls off the ladder
  • Honey's parents leave for Canada to escape the summer heat
  • Honey and Trixie bike to the store for the New York papers
  • Trixie and Jim explore the 2nd floor of the Mansion; Jim finds a Bible and the will
  • Trixie has lunch at home with her parents
  • Trixie takes care of Bobby while Moms and Dad go for a drive; Honey and Jim go for an afternoon ride while Regan rides through the back roads and Miss Trask takes a nap
DAY FOUR: Monday
  • Honey comes over right after breakfast and they work in the garden for an hour
  • Honey and Trixie inspect the Mansion while Jim looks through the cellar until lunchtime
  • the girls go home for lunch and Trixie reads Bobby to sleep
  • Regan gives Trixie a riding lesson and agrees afterward to let the "redheaded kid" ride Jupiter
  • Trixie takes care of the chickens and has a discussion with Dad about the Fraynes
  • after supper Trixie goes up to Manor House for dessert and Honey shows her around
  • Trixie spends the night with Honey
DAY FIVE: Tuesday
  • Trixie and Honey have breakfast in bed
  • all three go for a ride across Glen Road and have a picnic; they meet Mr. Lytell twice and get lost; Honey wrenches an ankle and Strawberry runs away; Jim has to catch him
  • Trixie takes care of the chickens and Mr. Belden comes home to report that Mr.Frayne has died
DAY SIX: Wednesday
  • Trixie tells Jim the bad news first thing in the morning
  • a plane flying over the Wheeler house explodes and the pilot bails out, landing at Ten Acres
  • reporters come by and see the junk-filled Mansion
  • Trixie's parents leave for the seashore with Bobby after lunch
  • Jim comes to Trixie's house and cleans up
  • Honey comes down around 4pm and the girls bicycle to the store for the New York papers
  • Trixie and Honey search through the Mansion one last time and find an engagement ring in a hidden safe; they almost get caught by a reporter and hide in the cellar; but they forget to bring back Jim's loving cup and the will
  • they all have supper at Trixie's house and don't finish until 9pm
  • they all have one last moonlit ride
  • on the way home they spot Jonesy at the Mansion; he has seen Jim's loving cup on the mantel
  • Jim decides to sleep in the summerhouse and the girls go on to Crabapple Farm
  • Jonesy's leftover cigarette starts a fire and Trixie & Honey go to warn Jim; they try to stop the fire but they can't
  • firefighters and a whole group from the village, including Jonesy, arrive at the scene; the house collapses
  • Regan arrives and takes the girls back to Crabapple Farm
  • Jim hides in the summerhouse
DAY SEVEN: Thursday
  • Jim writes them a letter, then runs away
  • the girls sleep late, then go up to Ten Acres
  • they find Jim's note and the ring
  • Mr. Rainsford, the executor, comes by and they make arrangements to go after Jim
  • the long-awaited rain finally comes pouring down!

    THE END!

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